Burundi Cup of Excellence Internet Auction :: Wednesday 7th November


Cup of Excellence is the most stringent and complex competition in the industry today.  This first-ever Burundi competition was no exception.  To discover the 17 winners – 14 national cuppers, 20 international cuppers, 8 observers and 4 guest cuppers analyzed 9,672 cups in the 3-week cupping process.  Each top ten winning coffee was scored 105 times.  We are proud of the coffee industry in Burundi, of the farmers and washing stations that put their coffee through this kind of scrutiny, of the staff that worked diligently every day and are grateful to the cuppers.

Burundi, more than any other coffee-producing country, relies on coffee as a means of generating export income.  Coffee accounts for over 80% of total export earnings and provides jobs for 800,000 Burundians – a quarter of the country’s workforce.  Coffee growers are all smallholders and they deliver ripe cherry to coffees washing stations (CWS) located throughout the coffee growing regions.

Only with your support can Cup of Excellence begin to better define which regions and washing stations are producing the best qualities, help identify and extend these best practices to other washing stations and raise the value of the winning lots and of the country’s entire production.  

‘Traceability’ for Burundi and Rwanda had to be adjusted from the Latin America model to better reflect the realities of coffee production.  After extensive discussions we invited each of the 176 operational washing to enter up to 4 samples. Each sample represented a specific ‘day lot’.  The competition received samples from 70 washing stations in 9 of the country’s 11 growing regions.  All coffees are 100% Red Bourbon varietal.

While potato defect is a problem in Burundi, research is underway to prevent it or to identify and remove it.  Until then, we can only reassure buyers that these winning 17 lots – including 3 Presidential Awards – have not exhibited any potato defect during the entire competition. 

We invite you to participate at the auction for these exceptional small lots on Wednesday 7 November (starting 09:00 EST New York).  If you have any questions or need any help please contact us at support@cupofexcellence.org

Thank you for your support!
The Cup of Excellence Team
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