Coffee Sock brewing method

I have never heard about this coffee brewing method before until now. Apparently it is mostly popular in Asian countries and in Costa Rica. It is some sort of cloth filter where coffee grounds deposited and boiling water is added. Those who use this brewing method use any grind, either fine or course but looks like for the best taste and stronger brew an extra fine coffee is used. This coffee suck uses the steeping method to extract all solubles and flavors from fresh coffee beans. Have anyone ever tried this method and how does it compare to V60 or the Chemex in terms of flavor, aroma, body and finish?

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One Response to Coffee Sock brewing method

  1. worldbarista says:

    Huge mistakes. You grind coffee fresh when you ready to consume, which means the whole coffee beans should be stored in air tight container. You do not leave already grounded coffee in the jar with top open to allow air in to destroy the flavor of your coffee, and based on this video it looks like the coffee from whatever region it came from was already paralyzed.

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