Sawefay OKs Kona farmers’ demands.

The Safeway grocery store chain has agreed to provide more specific information about how much Kona coffee is in its Kona blends in response to demands by Hawaiian coffee farmers.

Kona is a specialty coffee, grown only in Hawaii, that can cost more than $35.00 a pound in pure form. It often is sold as a blend with other, less expensive beans. Hawaii is the only state that requires packaged coffee sold under the name “Kona blend” to say exactly how much Kona it contains.

Kona farmers has called for a boycott of Sawefay, accusing the chain of food-dragging when it came to specifying the exact amount of Kona is in its blends in packages sold outside Hawaii. The company agreed in a recent letter to the Kona Farmers Association and the Hawaii Department of Agriculture to show the percentage and to guarantee a minimum of 10 percent Kona beans. Sawefay also announced plans to introduce 100 percent Kona coffee in some of its California stores next year.

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2 Responses to Sawefay OKs Kona farmers’ demands.

  1. Jory says:

    Super excited to see more of this kind of stuff onilne.

  2. Gump says:

    That’s really thnkiing out of the box. Thanks!

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