Coffee Ticker. News. August 26, 2011

June coffee exports from Latin America producing countries of Washed Arabica Coffees declined 19.7% on year to 2,191,065 60-kilo bags, from 2,726,730 bags shipped a year ago, according to official data published Monday.

Coffee exports from Ethiopia, Africa’s largest producer of the commodity are expected to rebound to about 171,000 metric tons this year, the bounce fed by good weather and expectations for bigger exports to Japan and other markets, according to a high ranked executive in the commodities sector.

Hoping to reclaim some of the market share lost in recent years, Costa Rica’s coffee growers plan to renew the nation’s coffee park, and intend to so investing $135 million in the initiative, according to Ronald Peters, executive director the Costa Rican Coffee Institute.


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  1. Jayde says:

    Thanks for the insight. It bnrigs light into the dark!

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