CNBC’s “The Coffee Addiction” premieres Thursday, September 29th

CNBC’s “The Coffee Addiction” premieres Thursday, September 29th at 9pm ET with re-airs at 10pm ET , 12am ET, and 1am ET.


“The Coffee Addiction,” a CNBC original documentary, takes viewers inside the $70 billion coffee trade and follows the extraordinary trail of the global supply chain, from the harvest of high-quality beans in the remote fields of Peru all the way to the United States and into the bottom of a cup. Americans drink an estimated 400 million cups of coffee a day; Correspondent Scott Wapner captures this cultural obsession, taking viewers behind the scenes to meet the Starbucks taster-in-chief, a man who slurps, smells, and sloshes his way through hundreds of coffee blends and flavors to decide what millions of customers will drink. The program delves into the science behind caffeine’s effect on the human body, takes cameras to the frenzied trading pit where coffee prices are set, and profiles professional baristas who’ve turned the act of brewing coffee into an art form.


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