Honolulu Coffee Company

Our Mission

To provide the ultimate Kona Coffee experience for our customers in a gracious island setting that reflects Hawaii’s Aloha Spirit.

At our cafes you will find expertly trained baristas who are passionate about making great coffee with a smile. We roast our Kona Coffee in small batches using not automated controls, just sight, sound and smell, in the artisan style of the great old-world coffee roasters.

Coffee is not the end of the Honolulu Coffee Co experience, however, as our team of pastry chefs make all of our morning pastries, French macarons, cakes, desserts and cookies fresh daily from scratch using no preservatives.

Kona Coffee is one of the smallest coffee growing regions in the world representing less than 1% of the Arabica Coffee produced in the world. The beautiful volcanoes of the Mauna Loa and Hualalai not only provide a beautiful and lush surrounding, but almost have some of the newest most nutrient rich terroir to grow coffee. Since the mid-1800’s many have believed Kona is one of the most natural places in the world to grow coffee because of its:

  • daily mix of sun and shade
  • ideal rainfall
  • altitude
  • volcanic soil
  • While not marketed, Kona also is one of the only coffee growing regions in the world that is considered “fair trade” by first world standards, as the farmers and pickers are paid well above the United States’ minimum wage.

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