Demitasse Coffee Bar (Little Tokyo). Los Angeles



A list of the things we take seriously:

  • Coffee Beans – our sky-high, coffee-snob standards for quality, freshness and sustainability were exceeded by Equator Coffees, our primary roaster. We will also feature guest roasters based in Los Angeles from time to time. This month we feature City Bean.
  • Coffee Brewing – the heart of our operation, brewing coffee is an obsessive science for us. Cups are individually prepared, ground to order, measured precisely and brewed using the best methods available to us. Currently we use  Clever Coffee Drippers and our ridiculously sexy halogen siphon bar.
  • Iced-Coffee – we believe in iced-coffee – not coffee on ice. Using two different cold-brew methods – Toddy and Kyoto – the flavors of the coffee are on full display in our iced coffees without being watered down by melting ice.
  • Teas – served always loose-leaf. More importantly, steep times are monitored carefully to prevent bitterness. Customers get pre-set timer to know when to remove the infuser.
  • Chocolate – nothing pairs with coffee in the same way as chocolate. Rather than add sugar to your cup, we suggest putting some chocolate in your mouth and drinking the coffee over it. Our exhaustive search for incredible truffles landed us on the doorstep of Compartes in Brentwood, who supplies our chocolate truffle selection. In addition, we have meticulously scoured the globe in search of the best chocolate bars and stock them in our shop.
  • Milk – we take pains to ensure that the milk we use in our products is from grass-fed, free-range, rBST-free cows.
  • Baked Goods
  • Mugs – we also recognize that what you drink your coffee out of matters. No matter how great the bean, drinking out of a styrofoam cup just ruins it. We found mugs that are as functional as they are beautiful.
  • Eco-ness – from our compostable to-go cups to having a supply of coffee grounds for anyone who wants them to take home to our use of a high-powered hand dryer in the bathroom in lieu of paper towels, Demitasse strives to leave as small a footprint on the planet as possible.
  • Community – always looking for ways to help the community, we started our shop by teaming up with Volunteers of America of Greater Los Angeles, whose mission is to “eat, drink and be of service.” We donate our day-old foods and will soon begin aiding in some of their vocational rehabilitation programs.

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