A new wave of coffee shops. TIAGO Coffee Bar + Kitchen (Hollywood)

A new wave of Los Angeles-area cafes is brewing up more sophisticated flavors with a mix of methods. In the middle of the last decade, artisan roasters and skilled baristas started to raise the bar on coffee culture in Los Angeles area and TIAGO Coffee Bar + Kitchen is one of them, bringing a burgeoning interest in judiciously roasted coffee, brewed to exacting standards, employing elaborate methods of extraction. TIAGO is  dripping, steeping and pulling some very exotic flavors from these roasts and blends. The best cup of coffee you’ve ever had may be waiting for you at TIAGO, pleasure well beyond the usual desultory jolt of caffeine, one in which the complexity and depth of flavor in each sip are as memorable as in a glass of great wine. At TIAGO we offer multiple made-to-order brewing options, from The Chemex, Siphon, drip coffee to the Ice Coffee Tower brewing and French press.

The level of attention at TIAGO is what separates the new cafe from the rote Starbucks experience. Gone are the hot plates, the glass pots, the industrial cauldrons. Each cup or pot is brewed to order, the coffee is measured and ground, the water (filtered, of course) is measured, heated to a few degrees shy of boiling and poured gently over the grounds to create a “bloom,” or foam of gases, steeped and released. As such, the new cafe is a slow cafe. But for your patience, you’ll be rewarded with a more fussed-over cup of coffee than you ever thought possible. New brewing methods seem to burst on the scene each month. Most have evolved from some version of the old-fashioned drip cone, the French press or a combination of the two. In your typical cafe, a barista staffs a pour-over bar where a half-dozen cones are perched over porcelain cups. Not only this, but shots of espresso are no longer a torrefied muddle of flavors — on the contrary, the palate experience is brisk, detailed and bright.

At TIAGO, more attention is being paid to the origin of the coffee served than ever before. Baristi masters the flavor profiles of the world’s coffee regions the way a sommelier masters the wine appellations of France.

If you are in Los Angeles/ Hollywood are, we welcome you to visit our coffee bar and let us make your stay memorable with the best cup of coffee and the best breakfast and lunch menu we are happy to offer you.

TIAGO Coffee Bar + Kitchen

7080 Hollywood Blvd

Los Angeles, CA 90028





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