2011 Ibrik Competition – Maastricht, Netherlands

A cezve (also known as ibrik) is a pot designed specifically to make a particular style of coffee that is vastly consumed in parts of Eastern Europe, the Middle East and North Africa. The body can be made of metal, brass, copper, or ceramic but it features a distinctive long handle, and a brim that is designed to serve the coffee.

This event showcases the Cezve or Ibrik preparation of brewing coffee, set in a competition format that celebrates the cultural tradition.

During the competition, the competitors have 12 minutes to serve 2 traditional coffees without additives of any kind, then 2 coffees with spice and sugar, and finally 2 signature beverages. In this competition the atmosphere and the visual effects are as important as the taste of the beverage. Scores are given in open judging as the competition unfolds.

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