Dear grinder manufacturers

June 15th, 2011

I have many frustrations with grinders but I am not planning on rehashing old posts.

There had been something else on my mind of late that is causing me increasing anger and frustration and that is grinder burrs.

It has always been a vague annoyance but recent experiences with one manufacturer’s conical burrs has pushed me to a point where I have to say something, and I hope you’ll join me in saying something too with a little petition.

Grinder burrs should not require seasoning. The fact that the cutting edges are not clean and smooth, and take between 5 and 25 kilos of coffee to act as intended, is unacceptable. They are selling an unfinished product and leaving it to those of us who care enough to bother to maintain the equipment to pick up the bill for getting them up to spec.

This is ludicrous. If you had to pull 100 shots before new dispersion screens worked properly then you’d probably stop buying that brand.

If we say nothing then nothing changes. I am sure it is possible for manufacturers to season burrs and sell them in a suitable condition. I am sure it would cost less than each of us dealing with it. (The set for my Uber grinder were preseasoned.) If we make it a priority for them then it will happen but it needs more than one grumpy, fussy, difficult geek to effect change.

I am sure some people will probably explain why this problem has never been addressed. I am sure there are excuses, challenges and problems. I’m more interested in solutions and improvements.


Attn: Grinder Manufacturers

It is, in our opinion, unacceptable to continue to sell burrs that are not adequately finished, and are unable to attain optimum grinding without “seasoning” the burrs.

James Hoffman

Square Mile Coffee Roasters

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One Response to Dear grinder manufacturers

  1. Tc says:

    Quite right James. This ought to be a petition to be signed and mailed to the manufacturers.

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