Twelve world-class baristas were transported from the comfort of their urban retail coffee shops to spend a week living on a small, family-owned coffee farm on the edge of the Amazon basin in northern Peru. There was no electricity. No showers. No espresso – but plenty of adventure!

Who was there?
Raul Rodas, Guatemala. Scottie Callaghan, Australia. Soren Stiller Markuseen, Denmark. Stefanos Domatiotis, Greece. Haruna Muryayama, Japan. Kyle Straw, Canada.
Fabrizio Sencion, Mexico. Thomas Schweiger, Germany. Ricardo Cardenas, Mexico. Harrysson Niera , Peru and Karen Pisconte, Peru.

We split the group in to two teams, who proudly named themselves Sapa Inca and Blackfoot and dove headfirst in a friendly but fierce competition, reality-show style. Host farmer Dionicio Aguilar and his team at Finca La Encanada worked tirelessly to create an unforgettable experience.

The Seed to Cup Barista Adventure is a barista-focused event to create more transparency and stronger coffee relationships in the specialty coffee supply chain. It was produced by Sustainable Harvest Coffee Importers of Portland, Oregon, and held prior to their 8th annual global Let’s Talk Coffee gathering in northern Peru.

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