The SCAE World of Coffee Exhibition Comes to Maastricht, Netherlands

The World of Coffee Exhibition, hosted by the Specialty Coffee Association of Europe, is the premier event on the European specialty coffee calendar and it’s coming to Maastricht, June 22-24th. This year the SCAE is bringing their prestigious show to the oldest city in the Netherlands where guests will be surrounded by rich history and amazing coffee. The show attracts over 5000 attendees, both professionals and enthusiasts alike, who come to share their passion and knowledge of specialty coffee. Representatives from over 70 countries and every level of the coffee supply chain, “from bean to cup,” will be in attendance creating a collaborative and all-inclusive environment for growing and evolving the specialty coffee industry. For the coffee connoisseur this is truly an event not to be missed.

In addition to the multiple opportunities to talk trade, there will also be several competitions showing off the skill and showmanship possessed by those in the industry. Competitors will vie for coveted titles in the World Cup Tasters Championship, the World Latte Art Championship, the World Cezve/Ibrik Championship, the World Coffee in Good Spirits Championship, and Europe’s first ever Brewers Cup competition.

If you’re looking to build your international presence in the coffee industry and network with professionals from all over the world, then this show is a great opportunity for you. There is no shortage of expertise and enthusiasm from those who attend. Grow your international network while sharing your passion for coffee.

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