Fix Coffee Hosting Latte Art Throwdown Benefitting Japan

On Friday May 6th from 7:30pm to 10pm Fix Coffee ( will be hosting a Latte Art Throwdown event to raise money and send supplies to Japan. Specifically Fix will be sending donations to Takashimaya Coffee shop and roaster. Takashimaya coffee shop also operates a little mobile cafe out of a very cute Volkswagen Van called Bear Cafe. Thankfully Takashimaya Coffee was not horribly damaged by the March 11, 2011 earthquake and tsunami. So, very shortly after devastation struck, the owner of Takashimaya sprung into action. He took his little Bear Cafe van straight to the heart of the most devastated areas of Japan and started handing out hot coffee and what ever other supplies he could gather to any one who needed them. Bear Cafe has sense made several trips into the the effected areas and has been posting photos and stories of his trips on Takashimaya Coffee’s Blog. He has been able to collect over 2000 cups with personalized encouraging messages and images from people in his home town to serve coffee in. He has brought books for kids at shelters to entertain them. He has brought food, fuel, water, light sources and other supplies as well.So, Fix is giving the Los Angeles Coffee Community, and those it serves, a chance to share a cup of Joe and an encouraging word with people in Japan. The event will include live music, Latte Art Competitions and the opportunity for all guests to decorate a cup that will be sent to Japan the next day. There will be a suggested donation of $10 at the door. Competitors entry fee into the Latte Art Throwdown will be donated directly to Takashimaya Coffee’s relief efforts as well. While not confirmed yet, there may be a donation bar for beer and wine as well. Live performers and DJ will be announced in the week to come as well as the status of the donation bar.

Fix Coffee is Located at 2100 Echo Park Ave in Los Angeles, CA.

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