Coffees of the Year

The most prestigious annual event for producers around the world, the COTY competition celebrates the most exceptional coffees. Only coffees scoring 84 or higher are eligible to compete; once qualified, the coffees are then vetted bi-annually by a team of Q-graders, SCAA certified cuppers and other industry cupping experts. Only the top 10 coffee samples will earn the right to proudly say they are among the “Coffees of the Year”. Elegantly set in a lounge like atmosphere, the COTY competition welcomes attendees to sample the world’s best coffees alongside the producers whose skill and dedication is unmatched in the industry. If you are a true connoisseur of coffee, this is one event you have to attend.
Coffee Producer: Camilo Merizalde
Best of Origin – Score 89.46
Country: Colombia
Region: Cauca
Farm Name: Santuario
Coffee Producer: Crecencio Izaguirre
Best of Origin – Score 89.58
Country: Honduras
Region: Santa Barbara
Farm Name: San Vicente
Coffee Producer: Juan Carlos Gregg Meza
Best of Origin – Score 88.17
Country: El Salvador
Region: Apaneca Ilamatepec Mountain Range
Farm Name: San Jose
Coffee Producer: Juan Diego De La Cerda
Best of Origin – Score 87.09
Country: Guatemala
Region: Fraijanes-Palencia
Farm Name: El Socorro y Anexos
Coffee Producer: Bull Kaliawa
Best of Origin – Score 86.17
Country: USA / Hawaii
Region: Ka’u
Farm Name: Kaliawa Coffee Farm
Coffee Producer: Helena Sarria Garrido
Best of Origin – Score 92.5
Country: Colombia
Region: Caicedonia / Valle del Cauca
Farm Name: Colombian Mountain Coffee
Coffee Producer: Teodoro Amaya Montoya
Best of Origin – Score 86.68
Country: Honduras
Region: Santiago de Puringla, La Paz
Farm Name: Los Manzanos
Coffee Producer: Gloria Rodriguez Fontan
Best of Origin – Score 86.7
Country: El Salvador
Region: Apaneca / Ilamatepec, Ahuachapan
Farm Name: San Jose
Coffee Producer: Adolfo Boppel
Best of Origin – Score 86.67
Country: Guatemala
Region: Barberena, Santa Rosa
Farm Name: Teanzul
Coffee Producer: Mariana Iturralde
Best of Origin – Score 87.5
Country: Boliva
Region: Sud Yungas / La Paz
Farm Name: Takesi La Central
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