World Brewers Cup

World Brewers Cup debut brings fifth World Coffee Events Championship to Maastricht

NETHERLANDS 11th March 2011

World Coffee Events Ltd in mid-March announced that the new World Brewers Cup will bring to five the number of World Championship coffee contests to be held at the SCAE’s World of Coffee event In Maastricht, June 22-24.

altThe World Latte Art Championship, the World Cup Tasters Championship, the World Coffee in Good Spirits Championship, the World Cezve/Ibrik Championship, and the debut of the World Brewers Cup, represent five of the premiere events in the global speciality coffee industry. “These competitions, which celebrate the best of the best, provide inspiration and recognition to coffee professionals worldwide, and ultimately translates into more exceptional offerings for coffee drinkers” said World Coffee Events Managing Director, Cynthia Chang.

Premiering at this year’s event is the World Brewers Cup (, a brand new contest of hand-crafted filter coffee brewing skills. Competitors from around the globe will compete to strive to produce perfect filtered coffee beverages, utilizing the artisan brewing methods of their choice. In the first round of competition, entrants are evaluated purely on the taste of the cups, all produced from a single supply of whole-bean coffee. The top scores move on to the final round, where they prepare and serve their coffees in a sommelier-type presentation. The World Brewers Cup is an exciting new event that will be especially engaging for spectators, as they can sample the same coffees being served by the competitors as they present them to the judges.

The World Latte Art Championship ( highlights the art and craft of latte art: patterns and designs made atop cappuccino-style beverages. A series of challenges face each competitor, involving producing a set course of drinks, as well as a free expression of creativity, all judged on beauty, symmetry, and displayed mastery of skills. Spectators are able to examine the art along with the judges, making the World Latte Art Championship an audience favorite.

The skill of distinguishing different coffees by tasting is on display at the World Cup Tasters Championship ( Competitors are ranked by accuracy and speed in a series of triangulation tests. In a triangulation, the taster evaluates three cups of coffee, seeking to identify the odd cup. The combinations increase in degree of difficulty, sometimes as challenging as distinguishing coffees from the same country but a different growing area. The cups are then unveiled group by group in a suspenseful and entertaining way.

The World Championship of Cezve/Ibrik ( celebrates the time-honoured practice of Ibrik (also known as Cezve) coffee traditions. Competitors prepare and serve three different sets of beverages, all the while performing an engaging presentation for the judges; it is truly a competition that combines wonderful tastes and experiences. Scores are announced as they are tabulated after a fun and appealing competition for all.

Finally, the World Coffee in Good Spirits Championship ( brings together the craft of coffee with that of mixology, as entrants prepare rounds of cocktails combining coffee with spirits and liqueurs to determine the best coffee mixologist in the world. Competitors prepare traditional Irish Coffees and a unique creation of their own to a pair of judges. Spectators are able to learn the recipes as well during the presentations that are traditionally enjoyable and appropriately light-hearted.

These five world competitions, together with the other activities at SCAE World of Coffee–the Exhibition, Workshops, Awards and Social Programme–make Maastricht 2011 the pre-eminent event of the global speciality coffee year. Further information, including the rules of each contest, can be found at the WCE website (

You can get full details of the World of Coffee event by clicking here, or by contacting Amanda Webb at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

Photo (taken at the 2010 World Latte Art Championship in London) by Tony Pike


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