Successful Hellenic Coffee Championships

Successful Hellenic Coffee Championships attract crowds to view five competitions

GREECE 18th February 2011

The successful 2011 edition of the Hellenic Coffee Championships attracted over a thousand attendees to five different national competitions held at the HO.RE.CA exhibition in Athens in mid-February, the SCAE’s Greek National Coodinator Nikos Psomas reports.

The four-day event, sponsored by the exhibition itself along with Taf Coffee and Easy-Delta, attracted close to 50 competitors to the various competitions, and brought a slate of new champions for the World Championships in Maastricht and in Bogotá.

Stefanos Domatiotis of Taf Coffee is the 11th Hellenic Barista Champion, and will represent Greece at the World Barista Championship in Colombia in June. Giannis Galiatsatos of Mokka Speciality Coffee came second and Giorgos Kontorinis, also from Taf coffee, placed third. Fourth, fifth and six places went respectively to  Alexandros Foukis, Kostas Sideris of Red Coffee Roasters and Nikos Doukakis.

In the 3rd Hellenic Cupping Championship, the winner was Kyriakos Ouzounidis, with Gerasimos Saridakis coming second and Kostas Paipetis of Mokka Speciality Coffee, third.

Christos Loukakis of Taf coffee won the 5th Hellenic Latte Art Championship, with Eduard Hayrapetian taking second place and Nikos Doukakis third.

Dimitris Papaioannou was the winner of the 5th Hellenic Coffee in Good Spirits Championship, with Tasos Moschopoulos coming second and Kostas Arapoglou taking third place.

And finally, the 4th Hellenic Ibrik Championship as won by Kostas Arapoglou, assisted by  Dimitris Poulos. Second place went to Giannis Pantazopoulos and third place was taken by Kyriakos Ouzounidis, with the assistance of Nikos Margaritopoulos.

The Head Judge for the Championships, Brent Fortune, was assisted by fellow judges Lauro Fioretti and Alf Kramer.

The organisers of this year’s Championships thank the sponsors, as well as supporters Mokka Speciality Coffee, El Cafe and Rosetti Caffe.

Pictured above is the 2011 Greek Barista Champion, Stefanos Domatiotis. To see a full gallery of images from the Hellenic Coffee Championships in Athens on the SCAE Hellas Facebook page, click here.





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