This brand new intelligent coffee grinder answers most of the requirements the hospitality industry has been asking for, for many years.

The caffetier is placed in the holder; the grinder automatically identifies the size of the caffetier and grinds the pre-programmed amount of coffee directly into the caffetier in 4-8 seconds. Counting function for each type of caffetier. Locked container for beans. Security switch and auto stop function. Adjustable dosage and grinding quality. User-friendly menu with illuminated display. Multiple access codes.

  1. Time Saving
  2. Consistent dosage for all sizes of caffetiers
  3. Automatic identification of caffetier size
  4. Electronicaly recording each size of caffetier: 3-cup, 8-cup or a12-cup
  5. Easy to use. No serving errors
  6. Individual waiter/manager codes as required
  7. Easy reading of number of servings
  8. Optional locking of bean container with access code
  9. No waste
  10. No accumulation or storage of ground beans. No mess, no coffee-grounds stuck in equipment. Grinds directly into the caffetier.
  11. Conic knives, low revolution, consistent grinding
  12. Quiet, can be mounted anywhere to spread the aroma of freshly ground coffee
  13. Elegant and streamlined designed with customer view in mind
  14. Easy to maintain
  15. Hygenic design and easy to clean
  16. Long durability. Conical grinder burrs/knives should be replaced every 2 tons of coffee

So how does it work? This new patented coffee grinder is wall mounted and you simply æhook on’ the caffetier which is then automatically weighed to identify its size, be it a 3-cup, 8-cup or a 12-cup caffetier. The pre-programmed amount of coffee is then ground directly into the caffetier in a few seconds. No buttons to press, just freshly ground coffee in an instant.

The grinder counts all of the different sizes of caffetiers, which have been made. This information is then read or re-set by managers or waiters according to your needs.

The user-friendly touch display provides complete menu based setting of: dosage, calibration, light, fade, language, locking, servicing, coffee types etc.

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