What causes raw, green coffee staleness?

After coffee beans—really fruit seeds—are properly dried and uniformly conditioned to the right degree of moisture content for stability, they are at their peak of expression. The beans contain the maximum amount of volatile aromatic oils locked within the their cellular structure. These oils make each coffee unique and give them their special added value. From here on it is downhill, for some coffees rapidly, for others more slowly (on that, another article). Next to nothing has ever been done to preserve this highpoint for exceptional coffee; it has been all about mere acceptability of a commodity product. Green coffee is shipped and stored in woven jute or sisal bags, which have been coated with petroleum-based batching oils to increase fiber yield and facilitate the spinning process. Green coffee is traditionally kept in these bags for the year or more it takes to consume them (fine coffee is harvested once a year). And so the green coffee devolves—exposed to oxygen, changes in the environment and to the bags themselves….

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