Caffé CaLabria Coffee Roasting Company

Caffé CaLabria Coffee Roasting Company has announced plans are underway to expand its artisan coffee café experience outside the United States. Top candidates are South Korea and Asia-Pacific, along with the Middle East.

Caffé CaLabria Coffee Roasting Company Founder and CEO Arne Holt has announced that plans are underway to share its “3rd Wave Coffee” café concept internationally. Holt points out, “We’re all about the coffee.” In fact, what started as a simple quest for a good cup of coffee has become the foundation on which Caffé CaLabria stands today. After tasting coffee all over the country, CaLabria’s founder Holt, seized his calling to bring quality coffee to San Diego, California. Over fifteen years, endless hours of work, dozens of trips to Italy, and millions of batches of coffee later – Caffé CaLabria is a world-class coffee roaster with skilled baristas that showcase the “3rd Wave” café artisan experience.

Unlike traditional chain café’s, Caffé Calabria is on the forefront of “3rd Wave Coffee,” which aspires to the highest form of culinary appreciation of coffee, so that one may appreciate subtleties of flavor, bean varietals, and growing region – similar to other complex culinary products such as wine, tea, and chocolate.

To spearhead the international launch, Caffé CaLabria Coffee Roasting Company has partnered with Bridging Culture Worldwide (BCW), a global consulting firm. BCW CEO Don Southerton notes that Caffé CaLabria is currently looking for developers to share “3rd Wave Coffee” across South Korea, Asia-Pacific, and the Middle East.

Southerton point out, “If a developer meets our criteria, which includes the financial resources to fund a multi-unit “3rd Wave Coffee” development plan, we’d love to talk further about the Caffé CaLabria coffee café concept.”

Specific requirements may vary from country to country. Caffé CaLabria Coffee Roasting Company does not grant licensing rights or explore joint venture agreements without meeting potential developers in person.

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