My first latte art

After being on training over the weekends and some nights during the week at Tiago Espresso Bar + Kitchen I decided to fight my fear and try to work my skills in creating latte art. I have a beautiful love for coffee drinks and amazing art that skilled baristi able to perform. It’s like a masterpiece on live drinks. Totally stunning. My love for coffee comes with the love for coffee shops. I love coming to coffee shop and enjoy having conversation with people, work on my laptop, have coffee, food, observe the environment and people in and out, it’s just like place you could always call home. And that’s how I felt for Tiago when for the first time, 3 years ago, I entered that place with one purpose to get into the internet and spend time working on some projects. After few visits I became the so called “permanent resident” for this place. It makes me feel cozy, comfortable, it’s my escape from outside world, it’s the place where I met most of my friends, it’s the place I could always come and feel welcomed, and people of Tiago became my family.  And today, I was fighting with milk, trying to put all my efforts to make the texture of the milk as nearly great as possible in order to create my very first “rosetta” for latte. And my results are here:

My first try in rosetta art

My second try in rosetta art

My third try in rosetta art

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2 Responses to My first latte art

  1. Jonathan P says:

    Great job on your first attempts! I know a lot of baristas who have been trying for months or years and can’t get rosettas like those!

  2. worldbarista says:

    Thanks Jonathan. I am trying my best. I love the world of coffee and barista’s craft and trying to pursue much further with this.

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