Besides a shot of espresso, the most important element in preparing a cappuccino is the texture and temperature of the milk. When a barista steams the milk for a cappuccino, microfoam is created by introducing very tiny bubbles of air into the milk, giving the milk a velvety texture.

Espresso can taste bitter for some people, but cappuccino is regarded for its sweet flavorful taste. Cappuccino is the drink of proportion. When you taste the cappuccino you taste the sort of elasticity of foam. By using spoon, deept it in and pull back. If it kind of stacks up for a moment, than drops back in, you have pretty descent quality of cappuccino. If your cappuccino tastes bitter and has unpleasant profile, it means that espresso part of your drink was over-extracted, resulting in a strong, harsh flavor. Always ask for replacement of your drink if you are not satisfied with your cappuccino.

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