Sustainable coffee

Sustainable coffee is a coffee that is cultivated in a way that is friendly to the environment and people.
A sustainable coffee farm offers to the land and to people as much as it is given. The coffee farm seeks independency from the non-renewable energy sources, when that is achievable. Sustainable agriculture helps decrease pollution, makes some important steps towards the protection of the environment and cares for all those who work in sustainable plantations.
Sustainable agriculture implements practices for the decrease of water consumption and the cleaning of the water that is used. Moreover, a sustainable coffee farm uses organic fertilizers and applies methods that increase production efficiency of the coffee trees in the long run for high quality yields.
Finally, sustainable coffee farms adopt practices such as shade coffee plantations, organic plantations and sustainable agriculture.

Coffee plantation Brazil

Coffee plantation Colombia

Coffee plantation Bolivia

Coffee plantation Costa Rica

Coffee plantation Guatemala

Coffee plantation Ethiopia

Coffee plantation Rwanda

Coffee plantation Kenya

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