Coffee. Papua New Guinea

Almost all coffee produced in Papua New Guinea is Arabica. Washed mild Arabica highland coffee dominates the industry in Papua New Guinea, accounting for 95% of production, the other 5% being lowland washed robusta.

The Robusta coffee is of poorer quality being darker, more bitter, with less flavor than the Arabic variety is generally used for cheaper instant coffee. Papua New Guinea coffee is said to have a full-bodied flavor with a pungent fruitiness of mango and papaya.

Most of the Arabica coffee is grown at altitudes of 2,500-5,500 feet. It is a fine, sweet-tasting coffee with good body which leaves a pleasant aftertaste.

Coffee that is processed on the small farms-typically “Y” grade or Premium Smallholder Coffee (PSC) grade-is picked by hand and often depulped with a small depulper or by hand, then placed in a porous bag and rinsed in the river. The majority of it is sun-dried. Every village and every person will produce a different coffee. Some will be well-washed and dried, some will be partially washed and dried, some will be produced by processing bright red and ripe cherry, while others will contain unripe cherry.

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