The coffee growing countries

Brazilian Coffee is the base used for the espresso blend. Brazil is the world’s top producer of Arabica coffee, with over one third of world production. Colombia is in second place for Arabica coffee, with its sweet coffee.

Coffee from Guatemala, a country with a low but excellent quality production, is very sweet, of average acidity and with an intense aroma ranging from chocolaty to flowery. It is the ideal compliment for espresso blends and a favorite component for filter coffee blends.

African countries have a limited production, but very good quality. Kenya, with its mild, steady climate, produces acid, aromatic coffee, particularly suited to filter coffee, whereas Ethiopia produces the best washed Arabica coffee: extremely flowery with notes of caramel.

Coffee from India has a full body, a note of positive bitterness and a spicy aroma.

Coffees from El Salvador, Costa Rica, Mexico, Panama and Honduras are sweet with more acidic notes and the typical characteristics of the “sweet and light” coffees from Central America.

Asia is where the most Robusta coffee is produced, with Vietnam and Indonesia heading the list.

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