Tiago Espresso Bar + Kitchen (Hollywood, CA)

I am the customer at Tiago’s for already 3 years. The place has drastically changed to the best in coffee brewing, food preparation, espresso extraction not mentioning the lovely and friendly interaction of baristi with their long standing customers. I am giving my big thanks to the owner of this place, Santiago Garfunkel, who put all his efforts, and did and still does all his best to deliver the amazing approach to coffee culinary to existing customers and new to come. Thanks to Santiago, this place has changed to become the lovely, homey, cozy coffee shop in Hollywood neighborhood, it is very inviting and family oriented. As a customer I can say that the repeat customer is a referral source, the base of any company financial success and cheaper to attract and keep than having to find customers all the time. I want to thank Adrian, Santiago, Carmen, Ilias, cooks in the kitchen for their wonderful job.As a coffee lover, who consume coffee on daily basis and who is learning more about coffee and industry itself, I could say that coffee is an agricultural product that is highly perishable. Freshness is paramount. And that’s what is the main goal of Tiago, is to deliver the fresh and best single origin coffees from around the world, be it East Africa or Central America or South America. Tiago has what it takes to honor the coffee farmers hard work and love that they put into every bean. Tiago achieves the most elevated form of fine coffee appreciation every day. Thanks to Tiago, I was able to understand coffee much better than I used to, and learning more and more about coffee every day. Tiago is a new generation of 3rd wave of coffee. Tiago appreciates each coffee for what it truly is and takes whatever necessary steps to highlight the amazing, unique character in every coffee from either Ethiopia, Rwanda, Colombia, Brazil or Guatemala, etc.

Thank you Tiago for your coffee, your place and for all the great job you do for all of us.

Mikhail Sebastian

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Tiago Espresso Bar + Kitchen

7080 Hollywood Blvd. Hollywood, CA 90028

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